Caravan Cafe
& Tea House

Welcome to our Caravan, a gathering place for all manner of wanderers and rogues. Inspired by Earth's natural bounty and the traditions of her myriad peoples, our Caravan is ever moving and rolling along, as we journey to discover the joys of the Bean and the Leaf and unlock the secrets of Fire and Spice.

Caravan Tea Shop

We're not made of brick and stone, but of flesh and bone. We have wares for trade, but we do what we do for the friends we've made. Our little shop is dedicated to the warmth of companionship and love of adventure.

Caravan Tea Shop

We're stocked with beans, leaves, grains and spices from around the world, and we're always on the lookout for unique and intriguing tastes.

Having a drink is one thing - but having a drink with friends out of beautiful cups is another experience altogether. Our back room bazaar contains a wealth of ceramics, precious stone, handicrafts and who knows what else.

Our kitchen is our hearth, but it's not for us alone. We're always on the lookout for talented chefs-in-residence who can deliver an amazing culinary experience.

This winter we're thrilled to have Afrobeat Kitchen and chef Victor Ugwueke in our space and cooking up an exuberant mix of traditional and modern West African dishes.

Caravan Tea Shop

You'll find us in the cozy village of Bloordale in West Toronto. So come on over, and step right into our Caravan.


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